Joel & Jen Are Photographers of the Week on Dive Photo Guide

What an honor! What a thrill! Joel and Jen are the Photographers of the Week
on Dive Photo Guide.

Featured In Wetpixel’s Full Frame 2014 Retrospective

Wetpixel has published a Full Frame 2014 Retrospective, featuring one image from each of the underwater photographers spotlighted during the year. Truly honored to be counted amongst this group of talented image-makers, Jen’s image, Fish Fireworks, taken in Komodo, Indonesia is #20 on the list.
Be sure to check out all of the stunning underwater images!

Underwater Images In Sport Diver Jan/Feb 2015 Issue

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Joel and Jen have a few of their underwater images featured – 2 page spreads – in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Sport Diver magazine!

Does ‘Live Aloha’ Still Exist?

During our first dive, on our first diving day, on our recent trip to Maui, we experienced something new. Normally, we’d leave our flip flops – called slippahs by the local people – at the water’s edge, discreetly placed and out of the way. When we finished our first dive and walked up the beach, our slippahs were nowhere to be found! Two pairs of almost new flip flops had walked off on someone else’s feet! I grew up going to Hawaii during the summers, and in recent years, have visited the islands MANY times, always leaving my slippahs at the water’s edge with no doubt they’d be there when I returned. Is the spirit of aloha still alive and well? Does it extend to visitors? Because of my fondness for the Islands, I’ll continue to believe that the Aloha Spirit still exists and extends to all, locals and visitors alike.

Wolf Eel… So Ugly They’re Cute

Lots of firsts experienced during our trip to British Columbia, Canada. First time diving the emerald green waters. First time on a tug boat. First encounter with wolf eels in the wild. So ugly they’re cute, we happened upon several large males who were friendly and curious. With heads considerably larger than basketballs and bodies growing to 80 inches in length, they are a sight!

New Landscape & Underwater Images Added To Print Store

Be sure to check out our on-line store for landscape and underwater prints! They make the perfect gift for any gift-giving occasion!

Cenotes Image Makes A Splash On Wetpixel

One of Jen’s cenotes images from earlier this year has made a (small) splash on Wetpixel, the on-line community dedicated to all things related to underwater photography and underwater videography.

Encountering The Largest Fish In The Sea

Part two of our co-led Mexican expedition with Backscatter was to Isla Mujeres, where whale sharks aggregate each summer by the hundreds to feed on the Bonito eggs. Scuba diving is not allowed in Isla Mujeres waters, so if you weren’t an endurance swimmer before the trip, you certainly became one during the trip! These docile (and vegetarian) behemoths are only concerned with feeding, and will even swerve out of your path to avoid a collision; however, you must always be aware of the possible tail slap! Read about our adventure here.

Read About Our Mayan Adventure

Joel and Jen were asked to co-lead an underwater photography expedition with Backscatter Underwater Video & Photo to the Cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula in July. Read about our adventure and see some guests’ images from the visually stunning Cenotes!

Scuba Diving Magazine August 2014 Issue – Imaging + Article

See the Light… That’s the title of our Imaging + article in the August 2014 issue of Scuba Diving magazine. Giving a few tips for photographing the cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, the article shares a couple of our images, camera settings, and best practices for the highest percentage of keepers from your memory card. In our opinion, the cenotes is a MUST for every underwater photographer!