Over the years we’ve spent countless hours testing the GoPro Hero cameras. We have written numerous articles on shooting the Hero cameras underwater.
This article series was written for the GoPro Hero4 cameras, but most of the tips & techniques apply to the GoPro Hero5 cameras as well. Explore our GoPro resources below:

The first article in a new series to guide you on the best practices for shooting with the GoPro Hero4 underwater
Initial GoPro settings for underwater photography
Use filters, lights, and various shooting techniques to ensure the colors in your GoPro photos and videos really “pop”
Good wide angle: It’s all about stability, color, camera movement, and composition
Four essentials for amazing macro: tripod use, critical focus, proper lighting, and interesting backgrounds
Pick up some essential tips and techniques to use in your next photographic adventure with your GoPro
Joel and Jen Penner share their pro tips for topside GoPro shooting
Share your underwater experiences by making a video!

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