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Burt Jones & Maurine Shimlock of SecretSea Visions came to Newmediasoup, LLC with a request… Can you turn our book into a web site?

In 2011, they had published a book titled Diving Indonesia’s Bird’s Head Seascape, which received great acclaim. As diving pioneers and experts in the Bird’s Head region, Burt & Maurine continued to gather more and more information, travel-related and scientific, from the area. Partnering with Conservation International, a nonprofit environmental organization whose mission is to protect nature, and its biodiversity, for the benefit of humanity, SecretSea Visions aim was to create a complete on-line resource for travelers, conservationists, scientists and anyone interested in the Bird’s Head Seascape Region, which could be updated regularly and easily with photos, videos, new dive sites, current travel-related info, scientific research etc.

After creating an engaging typographic logo with continuity to the look and feel of their book, we created a web site rich in content with maps of the area, large images and video player, easy to read text and over-all user friendly navigation. Content is completely managed by Burt & Maurine, making it simple and convenient to make additions or changes whenever necessary.

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