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  • Camera testing GoPro Hero4
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Joel and I had the good fortune to take a cruise aboard the Nautilus Swell before she is decommissioned at the end of 2014. Being somewhat newbie cold-water divers and first time divers to British Columbia, we were very much looking forward to this new experience and adventure! Many friends had previously been diving on The Swell and could not say enough good things about the boat, the crew and the diving. We were not disappointed! The boat, a former tug boat, was aptly comfortable for 12 divers. The crew’s local knowledge was second-to-none, and they all made sure we were well taken care of. The diving, while very different from the warm water environments we usually partake, was super! Yes, it’s COLD – 50-52 degrees fahrenheit – definitely drysuit diving! Some of the marine life in BC is very similar to what we see in Monterey, just bigger and more of it! We were lucky to have some good visibility as well, averaging about 40 feet.

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