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God’s Pocket is the BEST place for cold water scuba diving! Not only is the emerald green water mesmerizing, but the marine life is lush, healthy and plentiful. This, and many other reasons is why this is our favorite destination for cold water scuba diving. We stayed at God’s Pocket Resort, which has been recently acquired by new owners. The previous owners set very high standards in dive-travel hospitality, and the new owners are filling those shoes quite well, exceeding all expectations and providing a backdrop for wonderful memories.

Did I mention cold water? Yes, this is definitely drysuit diving! Previously visiting the area twice before in October, we wanted to check it out in March to see the differences above and below the water. Instead of vibrant hues of fall foliage, we were treated to snow-capped mountains in the distance. Water temperatures were quite a bit colder in March too, consistently 46 degrees F. Brrr! One significant difference was the weather. Our past trips were socked in with cloudy, rainy weather. On this recent March trip we were treated to sunny weather almost every day. Sunshine and 40′ visibility underwater (that’s really good for this type of diving environment) made for some spectacular diving and aerial imaging. Check out Joel’s aerial video┬áto experience the breath-taking beauty of this area.

The images in this gallery are some of the underwater highlights. Enjoy!
Also, check out some of our other underwater images, and topside images.

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