• Monterey_Shootout_2013

The Monterey Shootout & Underwater Film Festival, presented by NCUPS, is a weekend-long event where underwater image-makers can dive, shoot, edit their images, compete in a friendly competition, see awe-inspiring underwater films by the industry’s top cinematographers and learn new techniques to hone our craft. It’s truly a unique event!

This year’s Underwater Film Festival, themed Swimming With Giants, was the highlight of the weekend with renowned underwater film-makers Howard & Michele Hall, Bob Talbot, Shawn Heinrichs and Berkley White. Each presenter showed their hallmark style through their imagery and commentary. Berkley’s Dancing With Giant Mantas showed mantas in unison in the waters of the Maldives. Bob gave behind-the-scenes commentary for the making of his IMAX film, Oceanmen – Diving Extreme, often giving the audience a laugh while showcasing the immense talent of the freedivers in the film. Shawn discussed how his current project, photographing models with some of the biggest fish in the sea will capture the attention of the masses and spotlight the pressing need for ocean conservation. Tag-teaming the commentary with tales and quips from the last twenty years, Howard & Michele shared some of their up close and personal encounters with graceful leviathans in Whales We Have Known.

In addition to producing The Monterey Shootout web site, we have a myriad of behind-the-scenes jobs that keep the wheels turning for this truly fun and amazing event which we are honored to be a part of each year.

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