• Hawksbill turtle underwater in Little Cayman
  • Nassau grouper underwater in Little Cayman
  • Barracuda underwater in Little Cayman
  • Randy
  • Green sea turtle and trevally underwater in Little Cayman
  • Nurse shark underwater in Little Cayman
  • Jackson Bight reef and diver underwater in Little Cayman
  • Schooling fish, grunts, underwater in Little Cayman
  • Lobster underwater in Little Cayman

Recently returned from Little Cayman, a beautiful location for underwater photography. It remains a favorite destination because of the large underwater animal encounters that are possible. Regularly seen on almost every dive is turtles, Nassau grouper, Southern stingrays, Barracuda, Nurse sharks, various schooling fish, lobsters and much more. Little Cayman diving is spectacularly known for its sites within the Bloody Bay Marine Park, dramatic walls that drop to depths of thousands of feet, and also sites within the Jackson Bight section where swim-thrus and overhangs cut through the hard coral for dramatic formations.

Our Little Cayman home away from home is the Little Cayman Beach Resort, where the accommodations and service are unmatched on the island.

Take a few moments to view Jen’s recent underwater encounters with some of Little Cayman’s underwater residents. Currently, she is shooting with a Canon 1DC camera in a Nauticam housing. All of these images were taken with a Canon 8-15mm fisheye lens plus a teleconverter, and lit with Sea&Sea YS250 strobes.

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