Travel Article About the Cenotes of the Yucatan Published on DivePhotoGuide

DivePhotoGuide, an on-line resource for underwater photographers, has just published our travel article featuring a few of the mesmerizing cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula along with some of our photos! Read the full article.

Underwater Imaging Article in Scuba Diver TTL Magazine

  • Jennifer_Penner_2013_11_12_IMG_2776
  • Jennifer_Penner_2013_11_12_IMG_2777
  • Jennifer_Penner_2013_11_12_IMG_2779
  • Jennifer_Penner_2013_11_12_IMG_2780
  • Jennifer_Penner_2013_11_12_IMG_2774

This article can now be viewed online!

Newmediasoup is pleased to announce that we have a featured article in the current issue of Scuba Diver TTL Magazine! Our article, called Underwater Hero, shares techniques and tips to get the best results from your GoPro Hero3 underwater.