Sea Rovers Clinic March 6-8, 2020

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Boston Sea Rovers, here we come!
What is the Boston Sea Rovers Clinic? The Clinic consists of a world renowned film festival where international underwater film makers present and premier their most recent works, over forty daytime seminars covering a wide variety of topics, workshops focused on hands-on training, and an exhibit hall filled with equipment, travel destinations, dive clubs, and more.

Along with our teaching partner, Erin Quigley, we’re offering 7 workshops over the Clinic’s long weekend:

Lightroom Bootcamp for Underwater Photographers – SOLD OUT
Wide-Angle Shooting Tips for the Underwater Photographer
Wide-Angle Post for the Underwater Photographer
Intro to Photoshop for Lightroom Users
Topside & Underwater Shooting Techniques with Your GoPro
Adobe Premiere Editing Essentials for Underwater Shooters
Dirty Tricks for Underwater Photographers

And if that’s not enough learning for you, Joel will be giving a free seminar on Saturday March 7th at 11:00:
Add Compelling Aerial and Topside GoPro Footage to Your Trip Video

Buy tickets for admission to the Boston Sea Rovers Clinic. See you there!

Essential Shooting Techniques For The Underwater Videographer Workshop

The Boston Sea Rovers is one of the oldest and most distinguished underwater clubs in America. Founded in 1954, they are dedicated to raising the level of knowledge of the underwater world with an annual event they call a Clinic. This 3 day event is a culmination of gear displays, seminars, workshops and a world-class film festival, showcasing the talents of underwater cinematographers. This year, Joel & Jen are honored to be a part of this rich tradition by teaching a workshop, Essential Shooting Techniques For The Underwater Videographer.

Joel & Jen Are Photographers of the Week on Dive Photo Guide

What an honor! What a thrill! Joel and Jen are the Photographers of the Week
on Dive Photo Guide.