Does ‘Live Aloha’ Still Exist?

During our first dive, on our first diving day, on our recent trip to Maui, we experienced something new. Normally, we’d leave our flip flops – called slippahs by the local people – at the water’s edge, discreetly placed and out of the way. When we finished our first dive and walked up the beach, our slippahs were nowhere to be found! Two pairs of almost new flip flops had walked off on someone else’s feet! I grew up going to Hawaii during the summers, and in recent years, have visited the islands MANY times, always leaving my slippahs at the water’s edge with no doubt they’d be there when I returned. Is the spirit of aloha still alive and well? Does it extend to visitors? Because of my fondness for the Islands, I’ll continue to believe that the Aloha Spirit still exists and extends to all, locals and visitors alike.