DEMA 2019 Free Seminar

Joel will be speaking at DEMA 2019 in Orlando, Florida.
Join him for a free seminar on Friday, November 15th from 12:30-1:15 at the Image Resource Center.
Learn his best techniques and tips… How to Shoot Amazing Underwater and Topside Footage with Your Action Camera.

Editing Tips for Underwater GoPro Videographers on Dive Photo Guide

This installment is Part 8 in the series of articles written for Dive Photo Guide. Check out our overview of video editing software for GoPro videographers shooting underwater, as well as our tips for creating a video your family and friends will LOVE!

The Ultimate Underwater Shooting Guide for GoPro Hero4: Creative Tips for Topside Shooting

As scuba divers, most of our travels are centered around scuba diving and underwater photography. Much of our images captured during our adventure are of the underwater world. But more often than not, there is so much more to share; such as, breath-taking scenery, local culture, flora and fauna on land and such. Our latest article for DivePhotoGuide shares our tips and techniques for adding creativity and variety to your next vacation GoPro video using filters and lenses with Backscatter‘s FLIP4 System. Read our article, then immediately book your next trip! Your family and friends will LOVE your next vacation video!

Encountering The Largest Fish In The Sea

Part two of our co-led Mexican expedition with Backscatter was to Isla Mujeres, where whale sharks aggregate each summer by the hundreds to feed on the Bonito eggs. Scuba diving is not allowed in Isla Mujeres waters, so if you weren’t an endurance swimmer before the trip, you certainly became one during the trip! These docile (and vegetarian) behemoths are only concerned with feeding, and will even swerve out of your path to avoid a collision; however, you must always be aware of the possible tail slap! Read about our adventure here.

Read About Our Mayan Adventure

Joel and Jen were asked to co-lead an underwater photography expedition with Backscatter Underwater Video & Photo to the Cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula in July. Read about our adventure and see some guests’ images from the visually stunning Cenotes!