Zen Underwater’s New Website Features Cenote Image

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Zen Underwater, manufacturer of glass dome ports and other accessories for underwater image-makers, has a new website, featuring one of Jennifer’s images from the cenotes on the home page. Both Joel and Jen use Zen Underwater glass domes for their underwater imaging, a vital part of their underwater photography gear.

The Ultimate Underwater Shooting Guide for GoPro Hero4: Underwater Still Images with Your GoPro

We all know that GoPro cameras are commonplace now for recording your video adventures. But GoPros can also take some pretty amazing still images. Knowing the limitations of the camera and how to work around them can produce some fantastic GoPro underwater stills. Our friends at Dive Photo Guide have published another article in our series, sharing our tips for getting great stills with your Gopro action camera.

Manta ID Database Added to the Bird’s Head Seascape Website

Manta lovers can now get involved in manta conservation in the Bird’s Head Seascape region of Indonesia. By reporting a sighting of an already identified manta, uploading a photo of a potentially new manta to the region or adopting a manta, these are all features of the Manta ID Database.

The Ultimate Underwater Shooting Guide For GoPro Hero4: Macro Shooting Techniques For Your GoPro Underwater

Pointing your GoPro at underwater subjects can make for great video, as long as the subjects are large and at least 12″ from the camera. But what about all the tiny inhabitants in the undersea world, how can you portray them in your videos? Our latest article for Dive Photo Guide shares our tips for incorporating macro subjects into your HD moving pictures with sharp focus and pro color.

The Ultimate Underwater Shooting Guide for GoPro Hero4: How to Get Amazing Underwater Color with Your GoPro

Just about everyone owns a GoPro, especially scuba divers. More than any other camera model, these small, high definition action cams are underwater and above water, recording the adventures of people world-wide. However, unless you have been shooting underwater for awhile, or know a competent underwater shooter who’ll guide you on what you need to do to get good underwater color, these cameras, without color-correction filters, will provide video and stills that are monochromatic… all blue or all green. While it’s cool to alot of people just to see what goes on underwater, it’s way cooler to see the actual colors of the reefs and the marine and plant life that inhabit them.

In the third article of this series on Dive Photo Guide, we show you the differences between footage without color-correction and with color-correction, and the accessories you’ll need to ¬†get amazing underwater color with YOUR GoPro camera.

Event Coverage for 2015 Digital Shootout Now Live!

The 14th annual Digital Shootout was held at the CoCo View Resort on Roatan, Honduras. See what its like to be one of 80 enthusiastic and motivated underwater photographers at this week-long workshop for underwater image-makers wanting to elevate their skills to the next level!

The Ultimate Underwater Shooting Guide for GoPro Hero4: GoPro Out of the Box – Settings and Stability Options

Part 2 of our series of articles for Dive Photo Guide is called GoPro Out of the Box – Settings and Stability Options. For underwater use, the default camera settings are not your best choice. This article covers the recommended settings for underwater shooting and stability mounting options to keep your video footage wobble-free. All images in this article were shot on location in Bonaire.

The Ultimate Underwater Shooting Guide for GoPro Hero4: Which GoPro Hero4 Is Best For Me?

Working with Dive Photo Guide, Joel and Jen are publishing an 8 part series of articles on how to get the best underwater video and stills from your GoPro Hero4. The 1st installment covers the differences between the Hero4 line-up of cameras and recommends which is best for different shooting styles and needs.

New Logos and New Website for Lembeh Resort & Critters@Lembeh

Our client Lembeh Resort wanted an updated, fresh look to their website. Newmediasoup modernized their main brand logo and created a new logo for their sub brand, Cameras@Lembeh Resort. In addition, we changed their color palette and updated the website to be more user friendly and engaging with larger photos, more videos and easier navigation.

1st Place NCUPS Mini Comp – Odd Couples

Our underwater photo club, NCUPS, has a mini competition each month during the monthly meeting. February’s theme was Odd Couples (pairs that aren’t the same species), where Joel secured the most votes and 1st place!